About Venetian Plaster

Stage 1

A base coat of plaster is applied to the surface using random strokes to create a thin layer.

Stage 2

Once the initial layer is dry and has settles a second coat is applied. The correct technique at this stage is only to apply overlapping stokes to create the marble like effect. Once complete the second coat will require 24 hours before a third layer is applied.

Stage 3

In order to achieve depth of colour and sheen a third coat is applied. This final coat makes the surface reflective and adds durability after burnishing.

Stage 4

Wax or sealer can now be applied if required to desired effect

From the highly polished Venetian plaster and Marmorino to the rugged look of textured polished plasters such as the rock wall we are able to create beautiful unique designs for your home and business reflecting your individual design and taste.

The main use of polished plaster is on walls as well as ceilings because it gives a finish that looks almost like that of travertine, polished marble or even limestone.

The intrinsic qualities of Venetian Plaster will allow the walls to breathe and due to the added wax will have extra protection, it gives a unqiue pattern also called the Patina because it is applied in multiple thin layers and this provides a smooth as well as layered surface that has 3-dimensional qualities.

The Venetian or polished plastering technique is an extremely intricate process requiring a great deal of skill and creativity which takes time and precision to achieve the desired effect and get the best results.

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